Pearls and shortcuts

Goooood Morning spring!!

Hello and good morning everyone, hopefully enjoying the first breath of spring? In any case we at Schommer Media do. The last time we spoke, I was developing an application for the iPhone. Now the application is practically finished with some tweaks still to be and made.

Since the last time I wrote I’ve been deep into Objective-C programming, slowly learning the few pearls and shortcuts that are usually difficult to acquire in any programming language, things that only come with experience. It comes slowly, as long as you persevere. The Apple reference library is a huge and very helpful resource, almost all the information one needs on this labyrinth of knowledge and insight. As I said, almost. That is where the difficulty relies on, finding those few things that are not mentioned on the resources that are usually at your disposal. has proven to be exactly what the programmer needs to interact with others that have more experience and thus come to a useful and concise answer. And why not help others with their problems? No one is born with all the knowledge. Now it is clear that no matter how pleasant and clear the Xcode and Interface Builder GUI’s are, the learning curve for programming for iPhone or Cocoa Touch for that matter is undoubtedly steep.

Specially on memory management, as there are many things that have to be taken into consideration and most of all not forgotten while programming. This, by experience has proven to be very problematic while programming in Objective-C, since the iPhone doesn’t support a Garbage Collector.

We always persevere and never ever give up hope! We trust in our own abilities.

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